Predator Menacer - Mask

Predator Menacer - Mask

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Predator Menacer is the silent assassin.  Silent and deadly Predator Menacer moves undetected. 

Great for filtering small dusts, mists, poisonous and metallic fumes or Paint Spray, chemicals and small flying particles of low toxicity
Two filter cartridge design and Dual protection against poisonous gas
The Gel-like nose and mouse cover will fit anyone
Easily adjustable strap.

Product Detail:

-Hand set Swarovski Rhinestone AB Crystal Detailing, 

-25MM Metal, Silver colored spikes 

-40MM Large Brass, Gun Metal colored spikes

-Stainless steel Bronze and Gun Metal Spikes

-Copper Mesh fencing, Silver/Black color 

-Silver New Zealand Coin Detail