Mimi Ranft

“I like to draw in the dark because it reveals to me my inner light that hides when put in the spotlight.”

As a visual and graphic artist, I have always been inspired by my surroundings growing up in the coastal community between Southampton and New York City.  At the age of eighteen, I copy wrote my first graphic novel, Release, based on teenage beach culture. My photography has shown in the the Cincinnati museum of modern art as well as various local galleries in the Hamptons.

In my current profession, I have served fifteen years as a personal fashion stylist, and visual merchandiser both corporately and privately.  

In moving from NYC to LA in 2017, I felt an incredible shift of energy as my artistic creative conscious was awakened.  Inspired by my new surroundings and the abundance of space, I started sketching and painting on recycled paper left over from photo studio backdrops.  Likewise, I have collaborated with other creative on gallery installations, assisting with set production, styling video and photo content shoots. 

Unlike my past work, that focused on capturing the beauty of my surroundings, I now choose to unveil the beauty of the creative process. I strive to spark the positive inner light within others through my work in mural paintings, collage, multi media installation art experiences, and custom burning man looks. 

The series, Faded Into The Light”, I explore the journey to self awareness and empowerment brought forth through various forms of creative expression inspired by epic icons of the past. 

The underlying message is the gift to invoke and spark inner strength to overcome chaos and step out from darkness into the light. The ultimate gift is to give and inspire positive change in others.