Clea - Playa Dust Mask

Clea - Playa Dust Mask

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Clea ruler of the desert wind.  Her secrets lie deep in the catacombs of antiquity.


Product Specification:

Made of 3 components: Filter box, respiration value and elastic ribbon
Made of healthy and clean material, without harmless
Double value design, strong breathability than normal single value
High quality rubber, durable
Convenient, durable and effective filter box
Activated carbon in filter box can be removed and installed easily
The respirator support is made with elastic ribbon to make wear comfortable
Fit for people who always touch organic vapor, Benzene and its homologue, petrol, pesticide, acetone, carbon disulfide, ether and so on in agriculture, industry and scientific research units
Color: As shown in the picture
Dimension: Approx. 16×17×8cm
Material: Mask(Soft silica gel, without glue smell), filter box(activated carbon)
Warning: Do not use in high toxic atmospheres of where there may be a deficiency of oxygen.
1 X Industrial Gas Chemical Anti-Dust Respirator Mask 


- Hand set Glass Crystal Detailing

-Hand set Swarovski Crystal detailing 

-Turquoise Enamel pendant with gold plated trim 

-Copper Fencing